Car Shipping vs. Driving:

Being a do-it-yourself type of guy, I can sympathize with those who want to drive their vehicle to their new location themselves. To some of them, the idea that they could use an auto transport company doesn’t even pop into their head. What they soon realize however, is that it is simply cheaper to hire an auto shipping company. To most people this doesn’t make sense initially, but if you think about it, car transport companies are incredibly efficient, transporting ten large vehicles at a time. That’s efficiency!

Car Carrier

And when you’re embarking on the transportation yourself, people don’t consider the cumulative price of gas, food, lodging, tolls, and all of the work they’re missing out on. Hypothetically, if one were to transport their vehicle across the United States themselves, that could be thousands of dollars. Also, what happens if you break down or get a flat?

Auto Transport

Now hiring an auto transport company, like The Car Carriage, doesn’t seem like such a bad idea does it?