How It Works

1) Get a Quote

Call and speak with a car shipping advisor or chat with us online.


          Insurance is included in the price, which means your vehicle is covered from
          bumper to bumper. For exotics, classics, and antiques, enclosed transport
          offers as much as a million dollars per vehicle.

          Additional Services

          We offer enclosed shipments, accommodations for inoperable and modified
          vehicles, and oversized loads. If you would like to request these services,
          please contact us before placing your order.

          Expedited Shipment

          If you require a guaranteed pickup date, please contact one of our agents,
          and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

Man using laptop to get a quote
Man booking order with computer and phone

2) Book Your Order

          Online or over the phone, select a payment option, and place a reservation.

          Edit your order anytime.

          Missing info? No problem. Update it when you have it.

3) Tracking & Updates

          Dates for pickup and delivery are provided when a carrier has
          been dispatched.

          Get notified when a trucker is assigned

          Transit Time

          May be affected by weather, traffic, and scheduling

          We keep you updated on an ongoing basis on your shipment’s progress.

          Shipment Monitoring

          Experienced auto transport agents oversee your order from the moment
          it’s placed to when it’s delivered.

Man tracking vehicle transportation
Car being loaded for transport

4) Pickup & Delivery

          Door to door transportation is available. However, our truck driver
          may be restricted in certain areas. In this case, the trucker will meet
          you at the nearest accessible location.

          Advanced Notice for Pickup & Delivery

          Coordinate with the trucker for convenient scheduling.

          Trucker/Carrier Information

          We will provide you the contact information of the trucker and their
          company once they have been assigned.

          Vehicle Inspection

          Inspect the condition of the vehicle prior to releasing and accepting
          your shipment with the trucker. If there is an issue, please give us a call.

Contact our auto transport company to arrange for vehicle transportation today. Based in Dallas, Texas, we proudly transport vehicles throughout the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.