Los Angeles Auto Transport

Los Angeles is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, auto transport destination in the United States today. It has a population of just over 3 million in the city itself, with another 8 million in the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area, an area that spans 4,800 square miles of land – it is the second largest metropolitan area in the U.S. and is one of the busiest auto transport locations in the U.S. When you’re transporting a vehicle to or from the city, you want to make sure that you understand that some areas will be inaccessible to carriers because the trucks are too large, especially in downtown areas. If your pickup or delivery location within L.A. is inaccessible to the carrier, you will want to meet them nearby in an area that is accessible.

Los Angeles Auto Transport Includes:

– Long Beach, CA
– Anaheim, CA
– Santa Ana, CA
– Irvine, CA
– Glendale, CA
– Huntington Beach, CA
– Santa Clarita, CA
– Riverside, CA
– Burbank, CA
– Van Nuys, CA

Prices into or out of Los Angeles may increase during the summer months as demand for auto transport services skyrocket. Typically prices rise steeply at the beginning of summer going out of L.A. This is because demand goes up quickly but the number of carriers in the area stays fairly consistent; this means that carriers can essentially cherry-pick the loads they want to transport as opposed to taking what they can, which of course drives the prices for transport services up. Make sure not to book more than a week out to avoid getting stuck with a price that is too low.

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